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It's hard to find GL-4 like you once could.


Meets GL-4 and GL-5 specs, IS NOT what you are after!

GL-5 is not friendly to your brass (blocking rings)

When I 1st started reading this stuff, I was under the impression that "5" was a

"Betterment" of "4"-----But it is not! "5" has more additives, basically for

gearboxes without synchronizers.

I'm no scientist, but when I read that "4" was brass friendly in several articles,

That's what I do!

And boy are they proud of it anymore.

This is what I just did to "top off"

This is my next plan. I'm sure it ain't gonna get any cheaper, so why not buy a bit of bulk

and sit on it! I've had nothing but CJs since the beginning, It will get used, and it don't spoil!

Besides, I might can sell some here and there to my friends!

1 - 1 of 7 Posts