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iv looked into it, rebuilt from my local engine rebuilder (promar) seems to be about 1200+ your core. doesnt seem too bad. depending on how you are with a wrench, you could always pick up a beat 2.5 for like 100 bucks, a rebuild kit for 350, and than do it yourself. even if you dropped the bottom end off at a shop to have the hone/replace bearing, you would still probably save loot.
I just remembered. I delivered parts for Ford years back and picked up at the Teterborough warehouse. I also picked up reman engines at a company called
Rightway rebuilts also in Jersey, maybe just off of the GW bridge

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$1550.00 free shipping, not too bad?

2.5L Rebuilt 87-96 Jeep 150 Engine. This rebuilt engine features a 5 year/unlimited mile warranty. Standard features include new pistons and rings, camshaft, lifters, oil pump, rod bearings, main bearings, gaskets, and reconditioned cylinder heads. You will be provided with the remaining gaskets not used in building the engine. Free shipping is included.

Jeep Remanufactured Rebuilt Engines

SKU JEP-150-258796
Weight 300.0 lb
Price $1,550.00


Block #200, 059, 532, 403 Head #403, 117

Crank #904 Crank Snout 2.125"

Oil Bypass in Filter, Not in Block

Fuel Injected ONLY




New Pistons and Rings

New Camshaft

New Rod, Main, and Cam Bearings

New Oil Pump

New Gasket Set

New Timing Set

Reconditioned Heads


5 Year/Unlimited Mile Warranty
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