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Rebuilt 1988 XJ engine won’t start

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Does anyone know which wire is the power for the crankshaft position sensor?
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Ok so I broke the engine in today, at 2000 RPM for 30 min and everything went OK until I notice that the transmission had no transmission fluid. Will that damage the transmission??? It's doesn't want to move
Not necessarily...

You mean the fluid doesn't show on the transmission dip stick correct?
You prolly just need to fill the transmission fluid up.

*Example (sort of): I picked up an 07 Dodge Durango a few years ago from a yard to drive home. I checked the transmission fluid about 20 miles down the road, there was None showing on the dip stick. It ended up needing 2.75 quarts of trans fluid to get it to the full / hash marks on the dip stick, it had driven just fine before checking it. It ran and shifted normally After I filled to the hash marks. It had No Noticeable Transmission Damage/ Shift Problems while I drove it around town for that next week. (I was surprised that it had shifted normally being 2.75 quarts low on transmission fluid)
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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