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Rebuild a 1983 Scrambler on Budget

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I have a Scrambler stripped down ready to stick a 304 motor and transmission from a 1979 CJ7. Where would you start a budget rebuild. All electrical is gutted to the outside of firewall and ready to start over. Brakes have not had fluid for 25 years and master is dry, lines to front axle have been disconnected.

I've had it since 1985 and have not run it in 25 years. All drive train is pulled but I have a old Cj7 with a good drive train ready to go for a swap.

Daily driver for hunting in good terrain. No crawling or mudding.
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$2K won't even cover the costs of materials for a decent paint job.

If that's all you're budgeting, concentrate on the brakes, electrical and drive train. Bear in mind though that a wiring harness can run north of $500.

Adding larger wheels can demand a lift and a brake upgrade. A lift alters the geometry of the suspension which demand more parts and work. And so it goes...

Jeeps are money pits. Restoring any vehicle is a deeeeep money pit. Try to keep it minimal.

Sorry to throw a wet rag at you, but I'm just trying to give you a heads up beforehand.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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