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Rear Passenger Window Stuck Down- Myster?

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I have a 2010 WK and recently the rear passenger window got stuck down.

At first I thought I could hear it click on the down motion but not on the up. Neither the driver switch or the switch on the door work however the front passenger windows work fine. (I read somewhere that it could be the solonoid in the front passenger door but if so the front passenger window wouldn't work either, right?).

So since I thought I heard clicking, I figured it must be the regulator, so I got a new regulator, it's not the regulator. Haha

I've taken the boot off the wiring between the front and back doors and can't find any frayed wiring as far as I can see... Could it be wiring deeper in the door? Seems unlikely to me because I wouldn't think wiring inside the door would see too much wear and tear.

I've also checked the one 20amp fuse under the steering column that I *think* goes to the power windows and it looks good.

At this point I'm stuck. I'm clearly not very savvy when it comes to electrical stuff... might to try to get a test light to see if I can locate a dead spot?

Any other suggestions or questions would be greatly welcomed and appreciated!