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I'm planning on heading to Rausch Creek this weekend on Sat 10/26 for some exploring. I've been to the park several times but I won't claim to know it really well. I'm planning to get there between 9-9:30 and hit the trail by 10ish. I'll be bringing my Fiance and dog along for the adventure. The plan is to hit some greens to start and then head into some blues and maybe do a red if the group is feeling brave. Right now the weather is looking nice and there should be some nice fall foliage to enjoy

My LJ is a 2006 with the 4.0L 3.73 gears w/ limited slip 2" lift riding on 33s. I also have a winch recovery gear and will bring some tools along. I made a trip to RC this past spring before any mods and despite the LJ not having any lift and only stock 30s it was a blast. This trip is to see the improvements the new mods have made.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us but please don't show up in your stock Jeep Renegade as I would like to spend some of the day doing blues. If you are not familiar with the trail ratings see below. Last time I did this we had a group of 5 rigs, I was the smallest with 30s at the time, two had 33s, one had 35s, and the last was on 37s I believe. We stuck to greens most of the day but did do a few blues in the afternoon all had a very good time and swapped pictures/videos afterward. We will be bringing our lunch along as well as snacks and beverages with no plan to go back to base until the day is over or if something breaks.

Green = your Renegade will be right at home here
Blue = at least a stock wrangler YJ/TJ
Red = You need a lift and a locker wouldn't hurt

Email is best but if you have any questions or are interested you can DM me on this site or email me: [email protected]
If you email me I will share my phone # with everyone by friday to help with meeting up.
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