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Price $575
Rating 4
Pros Pure beef. Packaging. Lights are of pretty good quality.
Cons Fitment. Powdercoat. Fitment. Lug studs. Fitment.
Recommended yes

Comments: A solid bumper, the Rampage, once finally installed, will probably last a good-long time. But getting to that point is a challenge. The welds seem solid, and its taken a few hits off-road already and been fine, but a seemingly recurring problem with this bumper that others have seemingly not mentioned, yet many are this way, is the crookedness of the swing. Although mine wasn't at too crazy of an angle and once I had my spare on there it was nothing more than negligable, I have seen many others who can hardly latch the swing due to the extreme angles of the arm itself.

When installing my bumper, I was installing a Savvy GTS at the same time which helped IMMENSELY. Not only does it look all purrrdy tucked up, but it allowed me to get to the four mounting bolts that you would have NEVER gotten to otherwise (something that Rampage does NOT mention in their instructions). There really is no easy way to drill the mounting holes in the right spots without a template provided... And so I just measured about eleventy-seventy-two times before I drilled. Then came the next obstacle. The bolts provided weren't long enough. There was no feasible way to get two washers, a lock washer, and a nut on the bolt I was given, so I had to pick up new ones (not that big of a problem, as I was needing to anyways due to my frame tie-ins needing longer bolts). As far as the underside mounts go, they're their own story. The bolts were MUCH too big for the threaded holes, and so I ended up drilling out and tapping a new hole to accomodate the bolts. Nothing HUGE, but not anywhere close to a straight bolt-on job. But with all eight mounting points and the frame tie-ins, I would not hesitate in the least to tow anything and everything with the built-in hitch.

The powdercoat flakes VERY easily, and I am just touching it up as it comes off. El cheapo. The only part that I was *really* disappointed in was the tire mount itself. The circular plate mounts to the carrier through a MASSIVE bolt and a few large nuts. Unlike others, as long as you tighten the nuts and bolt together nice and tight, I feel that its not going anywhere, although welding wouldn't hurt it. The dissappointment comes in the form of the lug studs. They were not welded in (ideal) and were smalled than the holes that they go in, keeping them from being pressed in. This means that when you mount the spare (or remove it for that matter) it becomes a two-person job. One must hold a wrench on the head of the stud, while the other removes the lug nuts. Again, nothing a little welding down the road won't fix, but just a little disappointed at how little thought-out some of the design was.

With that said, I did pay a pretty cheap price for what I got, as the lights were included, and it is quite a bumper for what you pay. Once you get the kinks sorted out, it won't fail ya.
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