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Price $500
Pros sturdy, rattle free, good price
Cons powder coat is somewhat brittle and thin
Recommended yes

Comments: got these on sale from quadratech got the front rear and lights and wire harness for just under $1000. construction is solid, welds are a bit sloppy, powder coat is easy to chip off and seams thin. I have seen people complain that they hang down too low but it helps protect the gas tank and the steering box. The holes for the lights are great I can light up a city block with the rear bumper lights, fronts are great in fog and bad weather. I added a shovel, hatchet, and CB antenna mount to the rear tire carrier, since the powder coat isnt great it didnt hurt my feelings to grind it off and weld to it. I may have to refinish them later but then again its nice to be able to touch them up with a rattle can.

Overall I am very happy with them.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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