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rampage recovery rear bumper w/tire carrier [$897]

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Product Information
Price $897
Rating 3
Average Price $537
Manufacturer rampage
Recommended Yes: 17 / No: 1

i ordered this bumper from 4wheelparts, they were not the cheapest, (JCW had them beat by $95 but they matched it with no questions asked) but i loved their service from when i got my tires so i chose them. The bumper was at my door ten days after i placed the order! The bumper came shipped UPS while i was at work, so i expected it to be destroyed, but rampage boxes this thing UPS proof, using triple layered cardboard and even wood. It weighed in at 130 lbs so its no light weight, but i was able to do the install by my self. The instructions were rather poor, rather vauge in what you should do, but did have nice pictures. It came with everything needed to bolt the bumper on including all the bolts, washers, nylon lock nuts, and lock washers, and even (2) 3/4" D-ring shackles!!

Install tips and hints, do the bumper then once its on add carrier, and do the lights last as those holes make it nice to reach some of the bolts and also great for carrying it around, having small hand helps ALOT if you dont have small hands get a friend who does to help you.

Some pros of this thing is the carrier has an adjustable latch so it can be tightened, and has way more adjustablity then needed (almost 2" of thread) and you can even adjust the tire mount to allow for different depth wheels (the backspacing), has intergrated hitch, uses (10) bolts to mount to the frame, i wont think twice about towing with this thing even though its not rated, great welds, and unlike older modles the latch has a saftey pin that must be pulled befor you can open latch and carrier,

Cons are not boxed but is reenforced so dont think it needed, to get to the pin for reciever hitch you must reach under bumper and behind gas tank, directions suck, carrier hinge isnt greaseable,

on a side not dont order their $80 lights, go to wal-mart and get the 4" driving lights from there, they are >$40 and fit great, you just need longer bolts,

Final thoughts, a great bumper that looks even better, is a little on the expensive side ($580 plus shipping) but far as im concerned its very well worth it


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Price $600
Pros Nice and Heavy with a receiver hitch, D rings, holes for rear mounted lights. Tire carrier opens/closes smoothly and the latch is adjustable.
Cons Installation was a little difficult due to bolt holes not quite aligning.
Recommended yes

Comments: Installation was a little irritating with this bumper. The holes that go through the bottom into the frame were enough off that I had to leave the other bolts loose and use a pry bar to get them lined up and get the bolts in. Everything else about this bumper has been awesome. I had to back the latch off a little bit so that my wife could open and close it. Just the turn of four nuts and it was good to go. The holes for the lock pin are big enough I was able to slide my trailer tongue lock through it to add a little more security to my tail gate as well.
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