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Hello All,

I have a 1993 Jeep Wrangler 4.0L

TL;DR: No 12V to radio wiring harness, discovered rear windshield wiper not working, and courtesy lights on both sides don't turn on when interior dial switch turned on. Fuses all good.

I'm having some electrical problems and was hoping someone might have some advice.

A few months ago (okay maybe longer) my radio bit the dust and so I bought one to replace it this weekend and ran into some issues. I got it all wired up (I believe correctly) and it turns out I'm not getting 12V to the radio wiring harness.

I also realized that my rear windshield wiper doesn't work when switched on (but when pushed up all the way the pump to spray fluid does run, which is very strange because there is no line to move fluid from the washer fluid reservoir to the rear, as far as I know)

Third, I realized that the interior "courtesy lights"/dome lights don't work when you click/turn the dial switch up all the way. However the instrument lights do come on when I turn on the headlight switch.

I think these issues have been building for a bit and I just connected it all in my head.

I know some power is coming into the under dash fuse box because the hazards switch on.

I investigated further to find that all of the fuses in both fuse boxes (engine and driver side) are all good. So I am left with thinking the issue is in a wiring harness somewhere. However, I cant make heads or tails of what wires go where under the dash and which harnesses that come through the firewall lead to what. I looked up the wiring diagrams but it would seem the under dash info isn't around.

Has anyone else run into issues like this before? Thanks in advance!!

Maybe relevant is the fact that I took my car to a real mechanic to replace the in steering wheel turn signal switch since I don't have the tools to handle the steering wheel lock mechanism.
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