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Quick Gauge test

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Temporarily opened for suggestions..

For a video, go here:

CJ Speedometer Gauge Quick Test

By: John Strenk


OK, You know what your doing. You don't need a long explanation. Just a test light. Maybe a DVM.

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One Warning. A poor broken ground connection or hooking up the plugs incorrectly can quickly burn up the gauges or sensors. Don't make matters worse. Double check your connections before turning your ignition key to 'ON'
Add a ground wire from the dash to the (-) negative terminal of the battery to be sure.

Step 1. Start Here

Turn key to ON. Attach your test light clip lead to a good ground.

You may want to disconnect your Ignition coil. These have been known to burn up if the key is 'ON' but the engine is not running.
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