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Hey everyone! I moved to dickinson a few months ago and have been curious about where there is to wheel out here. I have heard a lot about the black hills (my father in law is retiring there in feb!) and Montana, but is there much close if your not in tight with any land owners? My rig could use some love before wheelin, but I'd like to know what's out here. Moved from Washington state where there's tons of trails and (surprise!) mud.

I need to update my prof, but I've got a 94 ZJ 4.0, now with~5" and 32's. Think a bearing got weak on me while moving out here and haven't had a chance or a place to crack into it and find out for sure!
Black Hills and a few areas in Minnesota past the Red River Valley are the closest with anything established that you'll find. There might be some public areas down in the Badlands in the South West corner of the state.

Even if you know some people with land most wont let you on it, my family being one of them, the land is just worth to much for farming and hunting to let any of it be out of production. I don't even like driving across some of my land cause it can be torn up so easily and is a pain to knock all the ruts and such back down so it can be farmed.
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