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1974 Jeep CJ-6
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Climbing normally or in 'emergency drive'? limited slip/clutch noise is for normal mode only, limited slip should be locked when in emergency drive and shouldn't make any noise.

1 of two things, first it is the chain jumping teeth, 2nd is there is a clutch type limited slip inside the case to provide speed difference between the front and rear shaft during normal operation and you may be hearing that limited slip releasing. 1st is to change the tcase fluid with the proper fluid to work with the limited slip clutch, then hit a big parking lot and do a bunch of figure 8's to get the limited slip working correctly. 2nd is to check the chain stretch.

New Fluid Quadratrac Fluid TCL-1

rebuild video

New chain if needed 03-5522-USA-QuadraTrac Chain ONLY Made in USA!
1 - 2 of 15 Posts