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Public Service Announcement- Tighten Your Sound Bar

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Just thought I would post a public service announcement.

I have a pretty good sound system in my 2014 JKU. Lately I have been hearing a rattling coming from the sound bar, mostly on the passenger side. I have also been having a lot of creaking noise coming from the passenger side freedom panel.

I figured my speakers are old and I may have torn them over time, especially with the experiments I have been doing lately with numerous adjustments. I also thought that maybe the rubber seals were dry in the freedom panel since the Jeep is a 2014 that I bought in November 2013. I am almost at 117,000 miles.

Anyway I took the speaker grill off the passenger side roll bar speaker and the woofer still looked ok. I put some music on and can hear the rattle. I start feeling around and it seemed like that side of the sound bar was loose.

There are six 10 mm bolts that hold it on. Three of the bolts were loose and one was nearly backed out completely.

I tightened all six with a nut driver. Music sounds better and there is no more rattling.

I am at work and get off in a few hours. When I drove home I am going to listen for the noise coming from the freedom panel. I am guessing it is finally going to be quiet. It has been driving me crazy for a few months.

I will post my finds on it tomorrow.

I just can’t believe how loose those bolts were.
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As expected, the creaking and squeaking coming from the passenger side freedom panel is gone now that the sound bar is staying put. It has been driving me craz.
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I was hearing some additional rattling and creaking. The plastuc around the tiny bar supports on my sunbisors crumbled to pieces a while back so what I have been doing is having them pulled away from the center support. I figured after a while the additional stress on the part that attaches near the corner if the windshield from probably is wearing out causing noise so I pulled the sun visors off. I actually like this because it gives more viewing area and reminds me of driving with the windshield down. That helped with some of the noise but I still was hearing some rattling and tapping. Upon investigation I discovered the plastic trim pieces in the upper corners were loose. After trying a few things I ultimately ripped them out. The noise is completely gone. I am going to order new corner trim pieces as well as new clips to hold them in place. I am debating about ordering new sun visor. I might go with a tinted strip at the top of the windshield or maybe Quadrate’s interior windshield light bar. Yes, I know I can put either of those things on with the sun visor.

I swear I feel like I am going crazy with these noises. There was also some minor rattling coming from the front passenger seat. Buckling the seat belt got rid of that damn noise. Nobody rides there anyway as I am always alone, despite having a four door.
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