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PSC Motorsports (SP-1475K) 97'-06' Jeep TJ P-Series Pump Conversion Kit [$488]

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Product Information
Price $488
Rating 4
Average Price $419
Manufacturer PSC Motorsports
Recommended Yes: 2 / No: 0

This kit is for hardcore off-roaders with Jeep vehicles that came equipped with a TC type power steering pump and need more power from their power steering.

By converting to a P-pump, you will have enough fluid power to operate any type of steering system that can be fitted under a off-road vehicle. Kit's include pump, reservoir, adapter bracket, hardware, fittings and hoses.


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Price $488
Rating 4
Pros works, easy install
Cons did not include reservoir bracket
Recommended yes

Comments: great product, easy to install, i had to fabricate my own bracket for the reservoir, I would also recommend that you get a different radiator catch can (got mine from summit racing).

a good write-up is: (the pump i got seems to be manufactured differently now, as it looks different)

here are some pictures, you can also view them on flickr to see addition comments i have:

note that the bracket is on the outside, this is needed if you are to align the belt on the pulleys

angle bracket used to fab mount

drilled holes for mount

reservoir mounted

new catch can (i would suggest mounting the pet-cock on top and the hose below, leave pet-cock open as a breather, this picture is wrong)

summit part number (sum-300100-1)

youll need to modify the windshield reservoir motor locations, here is what youll need

youll need a longer hose (100in)
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