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I'd like to point out that there is no notification (not including the email) that you have private messages on this forum. I sent a private message to Tonka and had to tell him it was there. Then he had a bit of trouble locating it. I noticed that if it weren't for the email notification, there's no notifiction or link regarding private messages unless you visit your own profile.

Anyway we could get a notice that we have private messages when we arrive on this site?
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I miss read this. You are saying besides the e-mail there is no other notification? I'll see if I can't find a way to add it to the index.

Odd. I get e-mails when messages are sent to me. Did Tonka enter his correct e-mail address?

Private Message Notification
Cody_91YJ just sent you (Keith) a Private Message at JeepForums.

Here is the message sent by Cody_91YJ:

Subject: Place to add the Forums!

Hey Keith,




To view this private message, click here.

You are being notified because you are have instructed us to send you a notification each time someone sends you a private message. You can disable this automatic notification in your profile settings on the board.

Please do not reply to this email. The person sending you the private email did not send this notification. To reply to the private message, you must do so from the message board.

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No, you're right! Or at least in my case I know I get the email notification. I don't know if Tonka did or not.

The problem is that I go thru my email. I see I have a private message and continue on thru the rest of my email. I have a lot daily. Then I get to the forums.

When I come here, it would be nice if there was something telling me I have private messages and a link. Right now, the only link I know of (excluding the email of course) is to go to my profile, then click on private messages from there.

Could be I'm missing something.
Hotmail messed up my account, I changed my e-mail address in my profile. It should work fine now. [email protected]
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