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Product Information
Price $160
Rating 5
Average Price $250
Manufacturer Power Stop
Recommended Yes: 1 / No: 0
Company website

Hay guys. This brand is something I'm looking into investing in. Here is what information I have to offer on this particular kit.

I was looking at this kit at (reliable website):

Or the official Power Stop website:

The kit includes the pads and cross drilled and slotted front rotors.

Here is some info from the Power Stop website itself:

1. One Click Brake Kit for Trucks & SUV's
2. Pad and Rotor Combination is Paired for Optimal Performance
3. Big Brake Bite Minus The Big Price
4. Z36 Truck & Tow Pads Provides Up 20% More Braking Power
5.Cross Drilled And Slotted Rotors for Cooler Brake Operation
6. Silver Zinc Plating Resists Corrosion
7. Everything Need to Replace Your Old Pads and Rotors

"Performance Braking for Heavy Duty Applications

When choosing brake pads and rotors for your truck or SUV increased stopping power is always desired. Finding the right pad and rotor combination that efficiently delivers more stopping power can get difficult, which is why Power Stop has created the 1-Click Truck and Tow Brake Kit. The Power Stop Truck and Tow Brake Kit utilizes Power Stops Heavy Duty Z36 Pads combined with their Drilled and Slotted rotors. This combination provides everything you need to replace and upgrade your pads and rotors all in one kit."

Keep in mind I have only recently discovered this product and have not in-fact used it. I will continue to update and refine the page with facts and edits as I come across new information.

At $160 shipped (I've purchased from streetside before, yes the shipping is free), it seems like a good deal, but I have never used this brand before.

Does anyone have experience with this brand? Feel free to share! :cheers2:


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Price $250
Rating 5
Pros Came as complete kit. But all four rotors and ceramic pads for all. Easy to do and they work great!
Cons None
Recommended yes

Comments: Not Vanco, but a great option never the less. Great product for a good price!
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