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Plenum Gasket Torque Specs

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Hi guys, got a more than likely newbie question here. I have a 94 ZJ with the 5.2 and I need to change the plenum gasket. Since this beast has 180,000 plus miles on it, I am going with the Dorman intake gasket kit 615-310 and just go ahead and do the lower intake while I am in there.

Since this is my families only ride, my other vehicle is a 38 foot long motor home that is our home in which we travel across this great land of ours, I need to get this right the first time. I have all my tools, but my torque wrench is in foot pounds only, I cannot afford an inch pound one so my question is this, can I use my foot pound wrench? It goes down to 5.5 foot pounds.

Thanks in advance,

Stranded in Branson, Mo.

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Agreed, to do this right you need:

-Aluminum plenum kit with HD bolts/washers
-INCH Lb torque wrench

If either of these are not present, you won't be able to properly perform the repair.
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