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Plenum Gasket Torque Specs

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Hi guys, got a more than likely newbie question here. I have a 94 ZJ with the 5.2 and I need to change the plenum gasket. Since this beast has 180,000 plus miles on it, I am going with the Dorman intake gasket kit 615-310 and just go ahead and do the lower intake while I am in there.

Since this is my families only ride, my other vehicle is a 38 foot long motor home that is our home in which we travel across this great land of ours, I need to get this right the first time. I have all my tools, but my torque wrench is in foot pounds only, I cannot afford an inch pound one so my question is this, can I use my foot pound wrench? It goes down to 5.5 foot pounds.

Thanks in advance,

Stranded in Branson, Mo.

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I've attached the FSM page for the plenum torque and sequence.

Long story short, your torque wrench will not go low enough for the first 2 steps of the factory torque sequence, and even then will not likely be overly accurate near the bottom of its range. See if you can rent/borrow an in-lb wrench. Even a cheap one from Harbor Freight (like this one) is much better than nothing, especially since you're torquing aluminum threads.

The same is true for the intake bolts (as shown below), they also require low torque in multiple steps.


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The FSM information has been superseded by the TSB.

Use the TSB for intake plenum torque.
Interesting that the only change for the plenum plate was the elimination of the first torque step. Have to assume that was just to reduce the TSB book time.
The intake plenum tightening is totally different.
The only change for the plenum plate installation was a removal of a torque step (15 actions). The change for the intake manifold installation was the addition of steps for the 4 inner bolts (20 actions). As stated, I assume the removal of the plenum pan step was purely to reduce the pan installation time to offset the extra time needed for the new manifold sequence so Chrysler would not have to update the book time for intake manifold procedures (which was quite low to begin with).
... or to have a better final result...

Use the previously linked TSB procedure.
Can't imagine how removing a torque step would improve gasket sealing.

I'd recommend the FSM plenum spec and the TSB intake spec. Chrysler's not paying for our time.
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