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PITA auto shift indicator light install. Socket may be broken. Please Help! See pictures

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Major PITA trying to install auto shift indicator light into socket. I can get the bulb to go into socket but no room to turn clockwise to set bulb in place. On further investigation the spring in the socket looks off and leaning to the side.

Is there any options besides dismantling the entire steering column to install a simple bulb? Can i get needle nose pliers, rip socket out to splice a new one in?

The bulb that was originally in place had a blue coating and did not look factory original. It was also just sitting on top of the socket and not locked into place. Maybe previous owners tried to force it in.

This should not be that difficult. Any ideas will be appreciated.
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Wow - what year is yours? Mine's an '80, and I just rebuilt this column out of an '80 Laredo (swapping from manual to automatic - long story), and this is how the bulb on mine mounts up (as part of the retainer clip that secures the bezel).
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