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Morning everyone, working on a PCM ground wire issue issue and am hoping someone can help. Basically, the ground’s not connected and I’m not sure where it goes.

As backstory, my 2005 WK 5.7L’s (bought used, 162K miles) is not cranking over. I’ve changed the battery and am running through some of the checks from the Haynes manual and some online forums to troubleshoot on the way to the starter motor. Note: I’ve seen a lot of red’s to tapping it w/a hammer...will do that too, just trying to be diligent on the other stuff.

A helpful video by EricTheCarGuy indicated I should chk the grounds as well. While doing so, I found the PCM ground wasn’t connected; it’s hooked to the box, but was hanging loose and not to wherever it’s supposed to connect/ground. I’ve done a bunch of googling and can’t find a clear answer on where to connect it; I’ve seen one reference to a post on the passenger side manifold (no idea where that is) and a separate obscure diagram that suggest it connects to the back of the engine somewhere. It was hanging near the ground strap for the instrument panel on the that where I need to connect it? A pic on a separate thread had it disappearing behind the engine somewhere.

I’m not an engine guy at all; bought the Jeep partially to learn this stuff, relying a lot on the manual, YouTube, and this forum. So, if anyone can post a pic or provide some guidance on where to connect I’d be most thankful.


1 - 2 of 5 Posts