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POR is a paint, Wool Wax and fluid film are a nondrying corrosion preventative.
Wool Wax and fluid film are oily and can be a little messy, but POR is not.
I actually think a combination of POR or Chassis Saver and then an annual coating of Wool Wax or Fluid film is the way to go.
Unless you are doing a full body off the frame restoration and media blasting everything before priming and painting.

Painting an assembled chassis, you will never get 100% of the area properly prepped and you'll also never get 100% primer and paint coverage, or 100% adhesion. Painting assembled is mostly a cosmetic thing, not that you shouldn't do it. I just think most people feel all warm and fuzzy afterwards thinking that they have stopped the rusting potential, and that just isn't the reality.

I wouldn't use that undercoating, my choice would be Magnet Paints Chassis saver, Prepped as best as possible, Aluminum silver as a primer, then satin black topcoat. Then when it was cured, I'd spray every nook and cranny inside and out at least annually with Black Wool Wax. None of this is cheap and easy as blasting on spray bombs of undercoating, but I think it's probably the best bet for slowing down the rust without doing a body off restoration.

I haven't painted my undercarriage, but I have been spraying the wool wax on a couple times a year for a few years now, including inside the frame.
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