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P1698 no bus message from transmission control module

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Sometimes, it seems randomly, when I pull out of my boyfriends driveway and get up to between 40 and 50 mph my check engine light comes on. It only happens after I pull out of his driveway and nowhere else. When we check it, it says p1698 no bus message from transmission control module. The car appears to be running just like normal but the light is coming on more frequently. Does anyone know what this means? We were thinking there mitt be a lose connection somewhere, but where? I have a 99' jeep cherokee. Thanx for anyones help!
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1st, check the ground terminals at G101 (see pic-note tht the TCM is grounded here.). Check for evidence of corrosion and security of the nuts. If corrosion is suspected, remove the nuts and clean the terminal ends and reassemble with a light coat of "Tune Up Grease" on the terminals. Torque the nuts to 110 in./lbs. Make sure the wires are not chaffing on the coil mount.

Next, make sure the harness connector on the TCM is secure. If you are inclined, remove the connector and inspect the pins and cavities for corrosion (black stuff). Clean with CRC Electronic Cleaner and reassemble carefully. Give the harness wires a gentle wiggle for good measure.

See if there are any other pending codes using a scanner. Erase/delete P1698.

Check back.
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Will try! Thank you very very much :)
It seems to be working so far thank you very much :)
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