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sorry I am confused (often) hd my medical yesterday -

The question about vin was trying to confirm trans - see attachment - that did not help.

I am going on the assumption you have a 42 RLE.

I could not understand why diagram shows fuse 16 trans relay and you are blowing fuse 18.
SO I went to another source for diagrams and it showed fuse 18 for the trans relay- I am thinking a typo
as that made sense two wiring diagrams same circuit showing 2 different fuses at start. That and checking
fuse 16 is for occupant restraint module.

does the fuse blow as soon as you install?
the key is OFF - not in switch?

Can you remove the R5 relay ? the trans rellay - see attachments
Not sure if it blew immediately... didn't have a 20A long sitting around, so I went to store, bought and put in, drove home checked and it was blown again. since then I have picked up a multi-pack, so I will investigate more.

I swapped the R5 and R6 relays; and no change (I assume the R6 is still good, but I don't have a hardtop/rear defog so it also may have always been bad and swapping was useless)

Have the vehicle back from shop and at home, so this long weekend I will be able to investigate further (with the limited tools/testers that I have)
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