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Oregon people check in

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Hey folks Coos Bay here!:D
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Im from Tigard, heres pics of this weekend.


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How'd those BFG A/T's work out in that snowy mud?
(nice lookin YJ BTW)
I really liked them, They did great in both the snow and mud. The front locker also played a huge roll in my traction. I couldn't decide which tire to get I was going back and forth between the Goodyear Duratrak and the BFG A/T. Turns out anywhere I went would have to order the Goodyears. I figured I couldn't go wrong with either tire both had good reviews. Thanks man!

Wow that is a real nice yj!
Thanks man!
What's up guys? Awesome forum.

My buddy and I at TSF waterfalls Monday. He's in the yota and I follow behind in the rubi:cheers2:
Your video didn't work for me! You hit TSF much?
I'm in Beaverton and new to off road. If anyone is local and has room for a newb let me know.
I'm located in Tigard and dont mind bringing newbs along from time to time. Do you know the basics?
Common sense is hard to find these days, lol winch and recovery kit is a huge bonus to most newbs that I wheel with. The main thing I like to point out to new people is removing sway bar connects(in your case front and rear) and airing your tire pressure down. Just have to make sure you have a way to fill your tires back up, if you wheel with me ever thats something you wont have to worry about.
I had one of those but a couple trips of taking 40 mind to air up 33s from 12psi to 30psi that change real quick. Now I run an A/C on board air compressor now it takes 1:30-2:00mins to air up 35s from 8psi to 30psi.
There's a local guy I think makes a set of sliders for a little less than 300 that look pretty beefy. I believe he's located somewhere on the SE Portland side.
I hear you there a buddy of mine runs a 60 dollar harbor frieght pump that fills a tire in like 5 mins. Seems to work fine plugs into the battery. Ya my jeep didn't come with A/C so it's was easy for me to give up lol
What days do you usually go? And where do you go?
Usually weekends, and mostly TSF/Browns camp.
We should all go on a run! I think I've actually been in a group with you before IslandTJ.
Ill see if I can get the jeep ready for the 11th hopefully all my parts come in. A event sounds fun to watch maybe try.
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