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Oregon people check in

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Hey folks Coos Bay here!:D
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Gresham/Portland/Beaverton checkin in.
Lookin for a liittle spot or two to mess around in on a whims notice without having to drive an hour.
Love Browns Camp, its just too far away usually. I Will be hittin it up this spring/summer though.
Just lookin for spot a little closer to home. Any body know of anything.
(Sorry for the ignorance but.....)
I've been up to Browns Camp several times before, but only with friends, and a few of those times were on quads. Now that I have my own rig, I was wondering how the trail system works up there for vehicles. I hear there's some sort of permit that's required. Is that for JUST the trails, or does that mean you have to have this permit for the logging roads up there too? Not sure how it all works, any advice would be great. Thanks!
Originally Posted by JeepSpeed18
"I think I love you. lol"
Originally Posted by sdmoose429
"Yeah, I get that a lot..."

You guys are crackin me up. I live out in the Gresham area too. If you need another hand, let me know.
You might just be able to match the thread pitch of the end, and just replace the heim joint itself.
Try getting what you need from here: Rustys Offroad: Heims & Inserts
The Second Annual "Relaxin' At The Rock" car/truck show was this last weekend at Rooster Rock State Park, I was MC & DJ for the second time, was able to fit all this gear into my rig, and managed to get away with parking the XJ right out front. Kind of poser I know. But hey "why not" came to mind. Just thought I'd share with the rest of the Oregonians here.

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Daaang!!! Talk about MUCK! Lucky you had a winch in that group.
Anyone going wheelin' this weekend near Portland?:cheers2:
I WAS planning on making a trip up to brown's camp, but then i heard the snow level is dropping down to 1500 ft and i said "meh." ....I've had my fill of snow wheeling for this season.
Nice to have another XJ on 31's near by. I work in Beaverton.... you might see me around some time. Feel free to flag me down, we'll chat sometime, maybe set up a run.
Sounds xj is green, with a Grand Krawlers sticker on the back. I'm between jobs at the moment. lol
I'll keep an eye out for ya. This is me:

If you ever see me, flag me down, i'm always willing to meet a fellow Jeeper, "talk Jeep" for a while, compare notes, etc...
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Hope to finish my rig in the coming weeks... Lift, shocks, may be tires and quick discos!! Still need to get with "J" about my cb and stereo too!! Finally coming together!!! Can't wait to test it out!!!
Don't worry man! I still got you covered. And hell after this last weekend, i'm ready to do just about ANYthing to a Jeep. Put a whole new 4" full Currie Lift on Kelly's TJ, and raised mine another 2" with new coils and lift shackles. We were up till 3am both Friday & Sat, then working till 5pm on Sunday to get it all done. That's including 4 trips to Harbor Freight to deal with some "unforeseen issues" that arose during the process. After all that, I feel like I can tackle ANYthing now. Goin camping next weekend, and the weekend after is the only time I'll have to do my SYE before the Jolly Jeeper's run. (gonna be cutting it close!):thumbsup:
awesome, any meet n' greets going on that you attend? Just something where everyone meets and chats, eventually i'll do wheeling trips with a group... but i'm not expierenced enough
Well as soon as ArmyVet717 (hey buddy) figures out what he's doing!!!! (nudge-nudge-wink-wink):D...... We're supposed to get together so I can do some electrical work on his ZJ.... So you could come by and B.S. with us while we work.
But other than that, I'm ALWAYS down to meet up for a beer or something and "talk shop" especially with another XJ owner, but welcome all Jeepers. :cheers2:
I work in Beaverton, and live in Gresham, so I'm all over the metro area any given day.
PM me and we'll meet up sometime. And hey, if you ever need any help mechanically or electrically on your XJ, let me know. :thumbsup:
Ok ArmyVet717, I'll admit i've been somewhat absent here on the forum lately, even been neglecting my OWN build thread. I suppose I need to do some catch up. My feelings are hurt though you went to someone else to get yur wiring done!!!:pout: J.K.
Glad you got it all done though. Your SWR sounds like your right on the money. As close to 1 as you can get the better. If there's a run getting planned for late Sept. Count me in. It'd be nice to run again with Island TJ.
CorCor4, yea dont worry about inexperience... if you've got a half an ounce of common sense and can take instructions from your spotters, then you'll do just fine.
I have access to a SWR meter, but prob not till tomorrow at the earliest.
Tell you what... if you don't have it tuned by the time of the Run on Sept. 17th, (which I've got 2 other jeepers CONFIRMED for that date) I'll make sure I bring the meter so we can tune your CB real quick b4 we hit the trails.
i'll request that day off of work... i'm in, i might be able to find a few jeepers to join, but my buddies got wranglers :2thumbsup:
Its all good, Fingerz, and IslandTJ are both in Wranglers. We all have a good time.
Corcor4, does your rig and the other Jeeps in your group, have recovery points?
I just took a look at his profile/build thread, he's got a trailer hitch for the rear, and it looks like D-rings on both front and rear bumpers, but I cant say for sure where or not those are tied into the uni-body or just surface mounted. So at least he's got a solid rear recovery point, as for his friends... we'll have to see. (at least they're wranglers, and have a frame we could tie to in a pinch.)

Is this the same run we where talking about doing on September 17th with some of my Wranglers & and my XJ & WJ buddies?
The more the merrier!
Sounds like the roll call is stacking up nicely! - Cant wait!
Most indubbidibly!!! :D

Looks like there may be a good amount of people to go out and have a great time!!! Hey NW99XJ, what about "Fingers"... BTW, I saw him a few weeks ago on my way to work...

I am thinking same meeting place as last time... Breakfast, staging area, then fun on the trails!!!
Yea Fingers is in, we're both looking forward to it!
Coleman's is a great spot to meet up, I like that idea.
I'm sure IslandTJ would be down for that too.
I cant think of one reason to hate a liberty like this:

(pulled this off of a Google Image search) - pretty bad *** if you ask me.
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