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As of 1/19/18, Revolution Gear & Axle is out of stock for both their domestic and imported chromoly axles for the rear TJ/LJ Dana 44 with no new stock arriving until sometime in February.

While checking out other alternatives I came across Carbon Offroad in Orange County CA, which was founded by Ron Stobaugh (previously of West Coast Differentials, Drivetrain Direct, Superior Axle & Gear, Alloy USA and Ten Factory) with son Austin Stobaugh.

Carbon Offroad has an axle package for the TJ/LJ Rubicon Dana 44 that comes completely pre-assembled with retainer plates like the Revolution "Discovery" axles. The axles from Carbon Offroad are currently on sale for almost the exact same price as the Revolution product but with a 15 year warranty vs. the 10 year warranty offered by Revolution. Best of all, Carbon Offroad has their axle package in stock.

I am familiar with Ron Stobach's reputation and my conversation with him today was consistent with everything I have heard - highly knowledgeable, straight shooter, no B.S. We talked about the five available sources in India for the Dana 44 axle shafts imported by Ten Factory, G2, Revolution, Nitro, etc. and the differences in quality between those foundries. My takeaway from the conversation was that Ron and Austin only contract with one of the two foundries that have consistent quality standards whereas the other companies frequently buy from whichever foundry has the best price.

I need axles now, can't wait until sometime in February for Revolution to get a shipment, so I am ready to pull the trigger on the Carbon Offroad axles.

Before I do, does anyone have an opinion on the company, its people or its axle shafts? Is that opinion based on first hand experience, and if so, what are the facts?


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