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Omelet's Build Thread (aka The Bison)!

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That's right, I am FINALLY making my build thread! I have been modding this Jeep for three years now so I have a lot of catching up to do. Just bare with me, because this is going to take some time to get through. I will start from the beginning and try not to miss anything. :2thumbsup:

It all started in 2004 when I saw the beast that AEV and SuperLift made.

Not only did it look awesome, but it boasted some incredible performance. A Jeep Grand Cherokee with QDII coupled to a HEMI! I had to have it! Unfortunately, being a lowly military man also trying to support a family I could not afford a $45K vehicle, let along the $5K+ for the lift tires and other goodies.

Finally after the market took a crap in late 08 the time had come! I started looking around and pricing the different models and option. By then the CRD had also come out which I wanted more than the Hemi, but I could not find one in Cali :thumbdown: I found a few in other states, but they were too far away and more than I could afford. So I ended up scoring a 2005 Limited with every option available that year and 40K miles for $16K! It seemed no one wanted to buy a big Hemi powered vehicle at that time, so local dealers were pricing them very low. Even a year after I bought it I couldn't find a better deal :thumbsup:

This was the day I brought it home!

Yes it is dirty because I insisted on swinging by a trail on the way home to test out 4lo! I wanted to make sure the t-case and ELSDs were working properly. :D In fact the first mod I made was to remove the front air dam before I hit the trail.

Below is a list of mods I have performed. Click on the mod and it will take you straight to it. This should help with the confusion of trying to find what you are looking for :2thumbsup:

-Volant CAI
-MBRP Exhaust
-LED Taillights
-Aries Taillight Guards
-OME MD Lift with 255/75/17 BFG MT tires on Moabs
-HIDs in the Lows and Fogs
-4xGuard Front Skid
-4xGuard Matrix
-Chrome Grill Slats
-Rear Hitch Mod to clear a New 255/75/17 MT
-4xGuard Rear Skid
-Midland CB in the Cubby
-HM Engineering Chromoly UCAs
-Stillen Rotors
-ARB High Output Compressor and Tank Plumbing Pics
-285/70/17 BFG KM2 Tires
-Rear Fender Mod
-JKS Quicker Disconnects (Front)
-4xGuard 12 Bolt Diff Cover
-Grooved the KM2s
-Painted Side View Mirror Covers
-Taylor Shorties
-BT Catch Can
-Fastman Trottle Body
-1.5" Rear Coil Spacers
-Rusty's Extended Rear Sway Bar Links
-Rusty's Strut Spacers (Stacking Two of Them)
-Firestik 3' CB Antenna on a Saguaro Mount Installed a Stainless Spring
-4xGuard Belly Skid
-4xGuard Sliders
-295/70/17 Nitto Trail Grapplers
-OME HD Coils
-Bump Stop Extensions (Front)
-Painted the Matrix and Front Skid
-SuperLift Rear Shocks
-Rear Brake Line Extensions and Fuel Tank Notch
-JKS Quicker Disconnects (Rear)
-Rusty's Adjustable Track Bar
-Bumpstop Extensions (Rear)
-Rigid Industries D2s
-Refurbished My Hi-Lift Jack
-Fox 2.0 11" Remote Reservoir Shocks
-Saguaro Switch Panel
-Gobi Stealth Roof Rack
-Hidden Winch
-Painted My Moabs (Set #1)
-LED Switchbacks
-LED Rock Lights
-MOPAR Badge
-Limiting Straps (Front)
-Rigid Industries 20" E-Series
-Painted My Washer Fluid Bottle
-Cargo Area LED Strip Mod
-Bedlined Rear Step
-08+ HID Projector Headlamps
-Ouch Band-Aid!
-Over Head Switch Panel
-Bedlined Rockers
-ORT Wheel Decals
-BT Under Hood Kit - Completed Kit
-ASFIR Front and T-Case skids
-Steel Armadillo Sliders
-Armor Weights
-WeatherTech Floor Mats
-ORT8 Badges
-10" Stainless Steel Antenna
-7 Watt Cree Reverse Bulbs - Night Pics
-Billet Low Pro Door Locks - Instal Pics - Low Pro OEM Locks
-Throttle Body Grounding Wire
-Fumoto Engine Oil Plug
-35x12.50R17 BFG KR Tires - Instal Pics
-MOD Status
-Expanded Sheet Metal Grill
-Mopar Fuel Tank Door
-Painted My Moabs (Set#2)
-Painted Caliper Covers (Rear)
-SuperLift Instal
-Mopar Stripes
-Modified SuperLift Steering Stops
-Front and Rear View Camera System
-Staun Tyre Deflators
-Tough Light 42" Black Series - Night Shots
-BullyDog WatchDog
-KC LED Utility Light
-Painted Side View Mirrors
-Front Bumper Trim
-New Laser Etched Switch Cover
-Pillar Pod
-Insulated The Intake again
-Brightt USA 19" LED bar
-AFE Pro Dry Filter PN:21-45003
-JBA 6" rear coils
-Fox 2.0 12" Remote Reservoir Rear Shocks with C/D adjust
-5lbs CO2 tank
-Front Inner Fender Liners with room for 35" tires
-Custom Rusty's Rear LCAs
-Custom Safari Snorkel - - - Finished the plumbing
-Custom OTRATTW Switch Covers
-AEV EGR Module
-Reupholstered Steering Wheel
-Custom Side Exit Exhaust
-08 HID Projector Headlamps MK-2
-Jeep-Core LED Cup Holder Rings
-Cobra 75 CB
-HD Front Drive Shaft
-Sonnax Transmission Line Pressure Booster
-Modified ARB Bar
-Under Cover Fabworks 12 Bolt Cover
-Custom AM/FM Antenna
-Bilstein 5100 Struts
-37" Maxxis Trepadors (bias) - - - Glamour Pics
-Aspen Creek (S4xC) Boulder Grill Insert
-RCV Shafts
-Crawl Offroad Stainless Extended Brake Lines
-LED High Beams
-50" Curved LED Light Bar
-Blue Hood Hash Marks
-BrakeMotive Rotors and Pads
-Custom Rear Tire Carrier
-Relocated Rear Licence Plate
-Odyssey 34/78 Battery
-ARB Twin Compressor (CKMTA12)
-TransGo Reprogramming Kit (45RFE-HD2)
-BFGoodrich KO2 35x12.5R17 Tires
-LED Strip Brake Lights
-TRE Soft Shackles
-Gobi Rack Bike Mounts
-JeePerf Polyurethane Bushings
-Shovel Mount
-JeePerf Chromoly SuperFelx Tie Rods

A more current picture:

Future mods (in no particular order) :

- Tablet Dash Instal
- Custom Coilovers
- 6.1L Headers
- Rear 3-link Long Arms
- SRT Seats
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Can you post more info about those turn signal bulbs you used? The light up white as marker lights and amber for the turn signal? What resisters did you need to run with them? Also the headlights you swapped out to, there not the OEM headlights are they ? Either way post a link to them, and are the HID friendly?
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