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Sorry guys, another P0522 discussion. 2014 JKU 3.6L.
During troubleshooting of the code, one direction I was given was to see if the resistance of the oil pressure sensor was in spec. A spec I cannot find anywhere. It’s a three pin connection with different values depending which pins you contact with your test leads. My results are so skewed I’ll just offer round numbers.
Sensor in original oil filter module 10K ohms. (Replaced 9 months ago)
Sensor in new oil filter module 10K ohms. (P0522 a few months back)
New Echlin sensor 190 ohms.
New Echlin sensor still on shelf at Napa 190 ohms.
With all the other posts with discussion of symptoms and repair options, Does anyone have the specs for the oil pressure sensor in the Pentestar 3.6? I’d rather not replace a good sensor with a bad one!

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I read many posts dating back to the first JKs where folks, either on their own, or paying a shop, or warranty service, have replaced 2,3, or even 4 sensors because it’s the “common fault”. One post even stated the stealership was well stocked up for this eventuality. And I’ve personally (as many of you have) replaced bad parts with BRAND NEW OUT OF THE BOX... BAD PARTS! The labor on this project is exhaustive so the better we can diagnose, eliminate possibilities, and move on the better off we all are.

Here are my current numbers:
Original sensor (similar results on replacement included with oil filter housing purchased from Napa Dec 2021)
Pins: B-C; 2,420 ohms
A-C; 10,050 ohms
A-B; 6,880 ohms
New Echlin OP6185 (similar results to same PN unit on shelf at Napa. Napa dude checked over phone)
Pins: B-C; 62.7 ohms
A-C; 189.9 ohms
A-B; 129.0 ohms
Obviously a huge difference in results and worth checking before installing.

Extra background; I currently read high 50s to high 90s for oil pressure and a persistent P0522. Was stuck on 99 PSI for a long while but when it came down, the project became less urgent. Had some other codes float by like P0520 and DD06 (I think) but they were transient.

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Additional research this morning:

Tested three at O’Reilly because the parts guy was curious.
Standard PS317 (x2) (lifetime warranty)
B-C; 64.4 ohms & 132.1 ohms
A-C; 185.4 ohms & 189.9 ohms
A-B; 128.3 ohms & 129.9 ohms
Master Pro 2-80002 (one year warranty)
B-C; 66.8 ohms
A-C; 189.7 ohms
A-B; 130.3 ohms
Minus the one anomaly, these readings are very similar to the Echlin OP6185 stated previously. All tested on the 200 ohm scale.

I only tested one at Autozone. Lost my ambition. You’ll see why.
Duralast PS401
B-C; 7.35 (tested on 20M scale)
A-C; 11.64 (20K scale)
A-B; 0.948 (2M scale)
When I had to keep turning the dial to get past the “OL”, I already made my decision.

I don’t know if this is a testament to OEM parts or not. I didn’t have the opportunity to check one. But with two used unknowns with suspected failures, one new assumed WAY out of range, and five new (3 MFGs) that are similar, I’m going with the Echlin I have in hand.
So back to my original question: Does anyone have the specs on these?

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Wrapping up. I installed the Echlin OP6185 and put everything back together with no issues. Put about 100 miles on it yesterday (city and highway) and it’s running great. The most common readings were:
0 psi with key on.
88 psi at startup.
55 psi after high idle dropped off and engine temp was rising (5-6 minutes)
27 psi at idle (fully warmed up about 10 minutes not driving)
49 psi at cruise
84 psi above 3K
No CEL. No check oil light. No 99 psi like I’ve been seeing for months.
My takeaway from this is the P0522 “Engine oil pressure sensor circuit low” reads this on a bad sensor due to the voltage drop over a high resistance. So my advice to all is to check your sensor before you pull it and definitely check a new one before installing.

JTEC, Thanks for the input.
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