Plus $20 shipping (large flat rate box). Real Dana Spicer gear set (NOT aftermarket OMIX or Crown stuff- I can say from experience that there is a noticeable difference in quality, reliability, longevity). I'm only selling these gears because I rebuilt a Dana 20 with the 2.46:1 recipe, so I couldn't use these gears. And I don't see myself rebuilding any other transfer cases (I hope), so I don't need them collecting dust.

Basically all you need is the "bull gear" (main input gear) as everyone seems to call it that fits your transmission. Outside of that, these gears darn near fit any Jeep, Jeepster, Scout Dana 20. Novak adapters has an awesome chart, but I'm not allowed to put hyperlinks in this ad.

Intermediate Gear (18-5-16, 946786), Front Output Gear (18-8-28, 933735), Front sliding gear (18-8-28, 93375), Rear Sliding gear (18-8-26, 933742).