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OEM Jeep Limited Slip Differential [$75]

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Product Information
Price $75
Rating 3
Average Price $140.62
Manufacturer OEM Jeep
Recommended Yes: 12 / No: 3

Any OEM Jeep LSD available from the factory.
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Price $129
Rating 2
Pros Fits a variety of applications using Dana Spicer axles and diffs.
Cons Useless, barely engages, clutch packs wear out.
Recommended no

Comments: I installed a new one 7 years ago in my XJ (Dana trac-lok) and a detroit true-trac in the front. I wish I hadn't even wasted the money on it as it is useless, even from the beginning when the clutch packs were new. The true trac does all the work. I'm not sure I've even seen both tires spin with this LSD on gravel. I would rather run an open diff than put this thing in again.
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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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