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Iron Butt Ride Needs Your Input Now…please chime in. It's free.

Iron Butt landuse and access ride by Greg Mumm is underway and YOUR input is critical; now! Greg is rallying off-road backcountry recreationists around the country and building a message to CARRY to congress at the end of the ride.

We need to hear from you. This is your chance to say your mind; speak your peace; and be crucial to our off-road future. NOW. Don't let this pass you by. Just go here to this link and add your comments about TWO THINGS:

1) a better BRC for you; and
2) what message we want to give congress BEFORE the elections. This will be a huge database that will give Greg tons of facts, figures and opinions to sway congress in OUR direction.

Go here to give input:

thanks for being on the team,
Del Albright

More of Del's blogs (and RSS feed) here:

Del Albright

Ambassador, BlueRibbon Coalition
Founding Trail Boss, Friends of the Rubicon
Environmental Affairs, CA4WDC
Find us on Facebook here

Contact Del at [email protected]
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