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Who is YOUR November '21 YJOTM-elect?

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Voter Rules
1st rule of YJOTM is you do not vote for yourself.
2nd rule of YJOTM is you DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF.
3rd rule of YJOTM is you do NOT solicit votes from outside JF or within JF. Investigations have been held, jeeps have been disqualified. DON'T do it!
4th rule of YJOTM is all nonsupporting members must post when you vote or it will not be counted. Paid members do not have to post when voting.
5th rule of YJOTM is all voters will remain public as to promote self moderation

Up for grabs: Bragging rights for November 2021 YJOTM and $200 gift cert. from Qtec (Thank you @Quadratec - you rock). REMINDER: All YJOTM winners are automatically entered for the chance at being voted for the illustrious title of YJOTY as well as inclusion on the /f12 Calendar courtesy of @daddyjeep87 - thanks dude!
Let's Git'r DONE!

Username: grandboost98
1989 Jeep YJ

2.5L TBI 4cly
1" motor mount lift
Arb Safari snorkel
TJ downpipe to custom exhaust

AX5 trans
external slave swap
Aux trans crossmember

JB conversions HD SYE
Hurst shifter

Dana 60 HP
Arb locker
Yukon 5.38s
Yukon 35 spline inner and outer chromoly shafts
ECGS 35 spline slugs
Longfield spindle bushings
Barnes bronze kingpin bushings
BTF high steer arms
Barnes hiem steering kit
Surplus center hydro assist
Ext. brake lines
Ruff stuff diff cover
Custom driveshaft

GM 14 Bolt
Yukon Spool
Yukon 5.38s
Barnes Ubolt eliminators
Barnes pinion guard
Chevy ¾ ton disk brake conversion
Ext. brake line
Custom diff cover
Custom square drive shaft

Waggy 44044 front leafs for 2" stretch
XJ Rustys 3" rear leafs for 6" stretch
Barnes no lift offset shackles
5/8" H.D. M.O.R.E. booms
M.O.R.E. front shock hoops
Teraflex rear shock bar
Barnes anti wrap bar

H1 8 bolt rims recentered
Rock rings
PVC double bead lock inserts
39.5x13.5x16.5 Interco Iroks

Front Smittybilt stinger
Rear Motobilt stretch bumper
O.R. Fab sport cage
Rock Hard harness bar
Upgraded family roll bar
M.O.R.E. steering box brace
Barnes 2" skid
Homemade engine skid
14 bolt pinion guard
Warn 8274
60" Hi lift
Snatch block
Misc recovery gear

Tuffy stereo console
Tuffy trunk
Custom tire carrier
Fuel tank relocation
Pro Armor 5 point harness
Arb high output compressor
M.O.R.E. steering box relocation
Super breather mod
Marine stereo
Marine speakers
Sound bar
Speaker wedges
Rugged ridge 3.5" LED pods
CB radio
TJ flairs
Tons of tools and spare parts

Half hardtop
Safari top
Full doors
Half doors
Tube doors


Username: mark1305
1989 YJ

My rig is basically a '89 YJ although it is a rebuilt title as a '84 CJ7. The wiper motor, bracket, and VIN are all original '84 CJ7. The body and power train are all '89 YJ with a 4.2L and AX-15 transmission. Axles are the stock Dana 30 & 35 but based on the brakes are '90 or slightly newer. The ID tags are missing. Bumpers are from a 2000 TJ and it has 2 inch receiver hitches front and rear.

Modifications include 6 inch shackles all around on stock springs; CRT distributor; a new non-stepper Carter BBD carb; and a replacement charcoal cannister from a BMW F650 motorcycle. Tires are 31 X 10.50 X 15 on 8 inch wide directional sawblade alloy rims. Slightly wider Bushwhacker flares to cover the tires. Accessories include a gray full soft top, black bikini top, half doors with soft uppers, gray trail cover, and tube doors.

Bought this Jeep about 11 years ago just for fun. Immediately removed the 3 inch body lift in favor of stock body pucks. Using info gleaned from this excellent forum slowly and steadily went through the rig pulling and derusting the dash and cleaning up electrics going to the gauges and some underhood wiring. Painted over the faded factory blue with good old rattle can satin olive. Added little touches over time like the engine mods which paid off big in eliminating pesky knocking and pinging on acceleration, and the two receiver hitches to deal with moving different trailers around in sometimes confined spaces. More mods are on the list such as changing out the lift shackles for stock length greasable shackles and 2.5 inch lift springs. Parts are on hand and just waiting for cooler weather over the winter season.

That's the story of my "Hillbilly Hot Rod".

Username: 11-11-11
1990 YJ

I have owned this Jeep for over 15 years. It was abandoned at a parking garage for two years. I was able to purchase it for the cost to tow it away ($175). It was covered in dust and missing a fan belt. I replaced the fan belt on site, and the battery still had enough juice for it to start! The Jeep was rough and needed quite a bit of work, but it ran. Over the years I have maintained and lightly modified it to the current state. I regularly drive cross-country, daily drive, and wheel with this Jeep and my M416 trailer.

In the past year this Jeep and trailer have seen trips from Vermont to Florida to Texas to Utah and back.

"Black Betty" although usually just "The Jeep"

D30 front and D35 rear axle. 3.73 gears.

Home made front and rear bumpers from scrap steel that I had laying around. The front hoop is a piece I found in a junkyard in 1972 - cost $1 - that was originally on the '48 Willys-Overland I built back then. The '48 rusted away a long time ago but I kept that piece as well as the three front old-school driving lights, and used them again on this Jeep.

31" tires.

Stock M416 trailer with original 1964 milspec tires. I have driven this rig cross-country as well as having wheeled it hard and these old tires are still just fine.

Front tow bar because I sometimes flat-tow this Jeep behind my Deuce and a Half.

Skeleton dashboard - all plastic and cladding removed. Components moved around and accessory switches and annunciator lights added.

Stock 4.2 engine. ECU removed. The stock BBD carb is still perfect.

1949 6 volt Dodge horns. Extra loud on 12 volts.

Low-back CJ-7 seats.

Rear track bar delete.

2" body lift. Stock springs and shackles. Rear springs were replaced with slightly heavier-duty stock replacements.

Spare is bolted to the floor in the rear - rear seat removed - with a custom removable table over the cargo area so that I have a flat surface in the rear from fenderwell to fenderwell. I store recovery equipment in the shallow of the spare tire wheel. The table covers up a few other odds and ends, such as a first aid kit, road triangles, road flares, change of clothing, a towel, stuff like that.

Military surplus blackout light up front with 12 volt bulb.

Military surplus Pioneer rack with shovel, axe, and mattock on hood. 12volt flood light mounted on Pioneer rack as well.

Military surplus Jerry can holder left rear corner of the tub.

CB antenna right rear corner of the tub. On a spring mount so the mast can be bent forward and driven in the military style.

Old-school sealed beam auxiliary lighting with chrome brass housings dating back to the 1940s.

Halogen ditch lights in front aimed downwards and forwards at a 45 degree angle.

Halogen (Bosch) fog lights circa-1980.

Rear auxiliary reversing lights two clear halogen and one amber halogen - great for backing up at night with a trailer.

Tiny rear red bullet lights - 2 per side - on the rear bumper because pimp.

Pintle hitch in a 2" receiver that also accepts a 2" ball.

Stickers? Mostly the names of the universities that me and my kids attended. Also a couple of paleontological dig stickers.

Fabric half doors. I have the uppers but never use them.

Carpet delete and rubber plugs removed. Cheap rubber floor mats. Water comes in and drains right out.

Hi-Lift jack mounted on trailer fender.

M416 trailer registered in Maine because Maine has figured out that this is a great way to earn money the easy way. No residency requirement, no inspections, low cost for a 5 year registration,

Peep outside rear view mirrors left and right. Because hot rod.

Chrome aftermarket air cleaner because hot rod.

Around 140,000 miles.

The black paint is original and has dent and scratch patina.

Dash cam.

Magnets and footman loops strategically placed inside to hold stuff.

Piece of an old computer case mounted in between the seats close to the tunnel provides a flat surface and hidden underneath storage. Fire extinguisher mounted where most would have a cup holder.

Snap-On low-profile socket tool box bolted to the floor immediately behind the seats provides a lockbox for storage that can not be seen from the outside.

Storage nets stretched side-to-side behind the seats and at the rearmost (roll bar main hoop and rear diagonals).

Relocated the ignition ICU to the passenger side fender liner - in front of the battery and up high - keeps it dry.

Removed the spring from the license plat mount. A magnet keeps it closed. Makes it easy to fill up.

Baffle removed from filler tube for rapid refueling.

Aftermarket motorcycle breather element for the valve cover because choppers and bobbers rule.


Username: calisk8er1080
1992 YJ

-Atlas 4 t-case
-fabricating a custom dash from scratch
-working on on board air
-working on a tons swap
-working on just about everything just short of a frame off/engine swap to be completely honest...
-Oh and a rattlecan paint job for good measure

My first jeep. Bought it in 2013 with a small lift and 33s already on it. Wheeled it a few times, daily'd it pretty much everywhere, then pulled it off the road to rebuild it from the ground up... 6 years later very little progress has been made. I blame my wife. I bought her a JK that she dailys AND wheels pretty hard... guess which vehicle keeps getting all my attention? :frown2:
Anyway, Even though I haven't driven it in years, I still love the thing like it was my own child. I found some pictures of it from before I garaged it, so maybe I'll get more than just one (pity) vote this time around :cheers:

The day I brought it home. I fell in love with it pretty much instantly on the drive home from the lot.

The one and only time I washed it. It proceeded to break down for several months the same day, so I don't wash jeeps anymore...

My first time wheeling it. Rausch Creek in PA, Topless for Tatas trail.

One of my fave pics I've ever taken, not just of the jeep, but of anything.

Username: bruinjeeper
1995 YJ

Rebuilt 2.5L/30RH
- 3.5" BDS springs + 1" Prothane Body Lift.
- 3/8" Currie greasable boomshackalaka's front, 1" lift booms rear
- 35x12.5r15 Dick Cepek Extreme Country
- 15x8 Alloy gunmetal Fuel Anza rims.
- Bilstein 5125s all around. Trailgear shock hoops up front, TMR shock towers outboarded/frenched rear.
- Dana 30: G2 cover, Yukon Chromos, CAD delete, Powertrax No-Slip, G2 R&P 4.56
- Ford 8.8: G2 cover, Open, G2 R&P 4.56
- 4.0 Throttle Body + Air Raid CAI
- 1" JKS MML.
- Currie SS braided extended brake hosing all around
- NP231J w/ Mega Short SYE - Woody shafts.
- UCF Ultra High Clearance belly up conversion
- Beefy DOM steering linkage, cross over heim steering setup.
- 136AMP GC alternator and wiring upgrade, auxiliary relay/fuse panels
- Flex-a-lite Syclone electric fan conversion
- Hayden tow-rated Transmission cooler and deep tranny oil pan.
- LED lighting under it, at it's sides, on it's @$$, in the cabin and in its eyes.
- Poison Spyder BFH Winch bumper, Poison Spyder 360* armor
- S]-[ittybilt 10K X20 Gen2 wireless waterproof winch
- Custom flat dash conversion with custom Speedhut gauges + Grant 415 steering wheel
- upgraded Kicker speaker system (tranny hump, dash, over head home brew speaker pods)
- Sanden belt-driven OBA with front and rear outputs, 2.5 Gallon Firestone tank.
- Corbeau MOAB seats in black vinyl leather with Corbeau retractable harness belts.
- Full Pacesetter longtube headers into a magnaflo cat and dumped out of a Walker SoundFX exhaust.
- Rock hard cage tie-ins with overhead mounted switch panel
- Monstalined interior and exterior
- Fishbone offroad rear crossmember bumper tied into frame/body mounts.
- Home brewed drop down tailgate table

In the NEAR future?
- Dual battery setup + PS inner fenders + auxiliary relay/fuse box re-wire (December)
- OX Air Locker for the 8.8 + 5.13s (Late winter)

Lil' More:
Been one heck of a little over decade daily driving my project and she took it and kept chugging. She's been my huckleberry through hail, rain, snow, salt, wind, sleet, ice, hunting, many road trips, daily driving, wheeling. Along with this forum, this YJ journey has been a fantastic distraction from the daily grind and has taught me a lot. I have officially retired her from daily driving November 2020 - and i miss the hell out of her. Sure do like being able to take my time and enjoy working on it as opposed to rushing through putting her back together before Monday morning rush hour though. Given my working environment, it's been a tough but extremely rewarding project. I'm glad i started it early enough in life. She is rounding up and almost "complete". Am itching to hit up the trails Spring, Summer 2022 and shake out any bugs before HOPEFULLY hitting up Moab in 2022 [life permitting]. ( @Boojo35 - you better get caught up sir!) and of course getting some NON-garage photos as God intended! I'm just waiting on the engine or transmission to die to give it a new powerplant at that point. Money comes and goes, but experiences and lessons learned are forever. Remember folks, everything in moderation - even moderation :thumbsup:


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Thanks Bruin for doing this!

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Voted !!!

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Voted... tough choice's... all have their own cool personalities. Always love seeing those old Jeep trailers. But... one reminded me of my own old junk more than the others... so... :smile2:

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You probably won't believe this...

But yesterday evening when I was putting this up and uploading images from my imgur account... I hovered my mouse pointer over Rockworm's photos of his YJ (of which I happen to have found 4 in the archives of JF) lol. I thought it would actually be funny to input him as an entry but didn't think he would see it.

Now I regret not doing it... would have been a good little hoax, naturally none of is would be able to see the puzzled look on his face when he saw it. But, still a funny thought.

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Lol. Once upon a time I had a ton of pics in the forum. But IIRC they were all on imageshack and photoshop which seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird? They are all somewhere on a recovery disc from an older PC... and since I suk at this kind of thing, not sure if I could get them uploaded again? I'd need a PC guru to show me how. Lol. Had a couple cool 'action' shots. Oh well. :smile2:


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Voted - nice group of Jeeps! Went with bruin's jeep because it looks like its ready for anything and I love the monstalined exterior - it does look sad sitting there in the garage under the florescent lights though...

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Voted - nice group of Jeeps! Went with bruin's jeep because it looks like its ready for anything and I love the monstalined exterior - it does look sad sitting there in the garage under the florescent lights though...
It does look sad.

I spend time with it nightly as I'm schematicizing it's upcoming re-wire. I'm doing it for the last time, so I want it done perfectly.

It will be ready for MOST anything that I'd sanely be willing to throw at it in about 4 months.
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