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I've heard about them up at Vermonster.

But on their website it says
"There are no public, legal off road trails for 4x4's in the state of New Hampshire."

NOT true AT ALL. There are over 2,000 miles of Class VI roads in the state of NH that are exactly that. Legal, open to the public, and can only be driven in a vehicle with 4wd (unless you're dumb or careless).
Roads are not trails. There were no designated 4x4 trails on public land in NH until the Jericho project. The members of NWOR have spent years bringing this project to fruition. Getting designated 4x4 trails opened on public land is a HUGE step forward for the sport. I spent a couple days last year volunteering with the NWOR guys helping to cut the 4x4 trail at Jericho. Its going to be a fun trail with possibilities to create more in the future. The campground and facilities at Jericho are also top notch. We have a true 4x4 destination in the making.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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