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This club is out of Minot North Dakota. The club is not limited to just Jeeps. We take all comers and everyone is welcome. There are no fees to become member. We take trips all round the north dakota area and family members and friends are welcome to come as well. If your around the Minot area and would like to join our club email us at. [email protected]
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97 cherokee country w/ 6 cyl. auto tranny

40 amp. fuse ignition/acc. fuse intermittently blows. shuts off car and dash, clicks when key turned but no start. replaced fuse several times runs for awhile but will blow even while idling. I've tried shaking the harnesses to no avail. I have also looked for wear on harnesses and bare wires. Can't find any spots of wear. I did put in new jvc stereo a month ago and everything was fine until a few days ago.
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