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North Central International Jeep Event - Interest Feeler

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Just gathering some intel to guage interest in a future event.

Our club (Westman Jeep Association) here in Manitoba is tossing the idea around about planning and hosting an International gathering of Jeeps & Jeepers for the summer of 2009.

It will be planned to take place at the International Peace gardens on the Can-USA border between ND and MB, just north of Dunseith on ND highway 281.

It will be held on the first Sunday in August (the 2nd) and usually there is also an Antique, Classic and Custom Car show taking place the same day that Jeep meet participants can attend free of charge.

The intent is to eventually create something like the Great American Jeep Rally in our part of the world. But, and there is always a but....... this will be more casual and less formally organised to start with. For now it will be - Bring your Jeep, Bring your Family (pets not recommended due to border issues), Bring some food for a picnic or bbq, and enjoy the day with other Jeepers in a beautiful location.

Is this something North Central area Jeepers would be interested in attending?
Feedback welcome and encouraged.