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Normal wall thickness of exhaust tubing?

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I'm investigating into making my own catback soon and I've got 2 choices for exhaust tubing wall thickness. I'm guessing that most exhausts are made from .065" but I also found .0125" (1/8") but this seems like overkill so I probably just answered my own question but I just wanted someone to back it up before I buy anything. Also I plan on using T-304 Stainless so it lasts and I won't have to redo anything in a few years due to rust.
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Yeah I meant to write .125" but I still wrote 1/8" so you got the point anyway. After spending $500 and some change on polished ceramic long tube headers for my Mustang and after 500 miles I've got rust pitting through I don't think I'll ever waste money on ceramic coating again.
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