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Hi Guys,

I'm looking for general service as well as mods for my '05 TJ Rubicon.

I don't have the time or space to work on my own, so I'm looking for regular service such as oil change, etc to mods like installing a kargomaster roof rack.

Please advise.

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They're not near there..they're in Walnut Creek, and they aren't a dedicated 4x4 shop, but I grew up with Mike and Phil Sanders who own Gilmore's Auto. They're honest and competent and I had them do a few things to my CJ-7 and was never anything but happy with their work. If nothing else they are good for an honest opinion.

I moved since then so haven't been back for a few years, and they're one thing I actually miss about living in the Bay Area where I grew up.

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Agree^^^ also, a guy a know might give you a better deal he professionally off roads his Jeep...PM for more info though. :thumbsup:
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