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Nor Cal Fishing Holes

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2013 is comming to a end . Its time to start thinking about the New Year , more specifically your New Years Resolution . Instead of loosing weight , or controlling my finances . I am am going to resolve to do somthing I can actually pull off .That is to Jeep and Fish more .
So I thought I would start a thread dedicated to Jeepabule fishing holes . Please share your Nor Cal "secrit spots" here . I know sharing secrits goes aginst your natrual instincts , but were Jeep people and we promis not to tell . Just seems it would be nice to have a sort of good guide Jeepabul fishing holes .
Please give a name to your "spot"
Please give genral location County/ region , and specific location
Please give some sort of directions
Please give the typ of fish to be cought
Please give any sugested tackel or bate
Please share any photo's of your catch , or spot
Please share and have fun
Heres hoping this thred takes off
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I used to fish shasta and whiskeytown lakes. Im interested in more off the beaten path fishin holes too
This is exactly what I started to build my jeep for! I have heard and seen some impressive photos of nice trout taken from the High Lakes. I haven't gotten there but I here its good fishing. 5wt fly rod or light weight spinning rod and normal trout lures. Check regs but I think it is artificial lures barbless hooks. Belly boat or pontoon is best for fishing these. No motors. There is a little info and some pics at the Friends Of High Lakes website.
I would like to get into the eastern Sierra as well. Out of the ghost town of Bodie there is supposed to be a lot of little pot holes that hold wild trout and many of them and the connecting streams have Golden Trout.
I would realy like to see Bodie sometime
If this thread gets attention maybe we could set up some trips. Always better to go with two or more rigs. Iv'e done the brake down 75 miles from civilization and it REALLY sucks!
billybooster2: Where has every one gone? I haven't seen anything from the majority of the local group in a while. And how are you doing? Did you get to go on the high lakes trip?
i need to find a lake to fish for trout thats not to far from georgetown . not loon, union , slypark,or icehouse. it has to have camping spots near the water that more than one motor home, travel trailers and tents can fit. and boat ramp. any ideas?
Stumpy Meadows out of Georgetown.
Stumpy Meadows out of Georgetown.
thanks for the input. stumpy is the closet lake to me. ive fished there many times. there isnt any close to lake camp sites tho.
Big Reservoir out of Foresthill has camping with motorhomes and tents right next to the lake. The fishing is the past has been good. I don't think they allow gas motors on the lake however. I've always used a float tube.
havnt heard of that 1 ,ill check it out. i have fished sugar pine up there and hated it. the camp host was a real asshat and no fish. thanks
i did checkout bullards bar and its a cool lake with lots of fish. nice camp grounds but to far from the lake. we did a day trip and caught 16 bass and one kokonee
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