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NH people on here?

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anyone here from the seacoast area of NH?
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I'm west of Manchester... There are some trails out this way.
nothing good out here in manchester ...
While you are correct, there is nothing in manchester there are plenty in the surrounding areas
I'm in milford. Nothing to crazy around these parts that isn't gonna cost you a real nice fine to enjoy though.
Ya i went down to milford the other day and was very disapointed to find the brox gated and locked. I was looking forward to a good days goofing off and shooting out there. when did it happen and why?:confused:
It really is to bad... I used to work down there Milford was really nice little town. I used to eat at the diner and cafe on the oval all the time. Alas, The Fire Barn moved to Peterborough... I left... and is now closed entirely I'm told... Those where the good old days.
No, but i'm sure that my buddies where there... either a green bronco or a white bronco guy who goes by Jr or Dave
Alas, the only trails that i knew of in milford, where gated off last time I went down there. If you come up a few towns north there are some, I havnt hit them yet this year, hell i havnt driven my jeep 20 miles this summer.

I screwed up my back and some days i can press a clutch and some days i cant...
Here is the RSA on Bumper hight from NH

Stumbled on the penilty for breaking the rule as i was searching for your answer

I cant find anything about lifting the jeep beyond what is above, for a complete index of the RSA's go to

I am no expert, and should be not taken as such. also feel free to read through and add any info you like. I know i see plenty of JACKED up jeeps with stickers on em. So they cant be that illegal if they are at all. 30" bumper hight is pretty high, thats my inseam... i wont lie... its longer than my inseam... short legs... long body...
Hey I just joined them... hope i'll be able to join them once my back finishes healing up
That place ****ing sucks.
What makes you say that? my experience with them while very limited has always been good. Fun group of guys and gals, the biggest issue any one I know has with them is they only run on posted and approved trails. Not really a bad thing in reality.
1 - 10 of 136 Posts
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