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Next stage in build, 40s on a 3" OME LT lift, 1" BL, & flat flares

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Edit: This is how it ended up:

  • 3.25" front and rear extended bumpstops.
  • Trimming at the front and rear edges of each fender well
  • Trimming of front frame crossmember ends
  • Flat flares and 1" body lift
  • Move rear axle back 0.75" (includes relocation of frame side trackbar bracket, rear swaybar mount relocation, rear brakeline relocation, aftermarket driveshaft, rear lower coil perch correction)
  • HD rear tire carrier capable of 135 lbs spare
  • 3" net backspaced wheels
  • Longer bolts to uses as custom steering stops
  • Hydro assist steering
  • HD drag link and tie rod
  • Front axle truss, sleeves and gussets
  • Dynatrac ball joints
  • Front and rear chromoly axle shafts

I did end up having to rebuild/repair my rear axle multiple times with 40s. First, I broke a rear Rubi locker. Second, I blew a rear ring and pinion. Third, I bent both my rear chromoly axle shafts. So, I eventually upgraded to front and rear Currie Rock Jock 60s.

Original post:

National Tire & Wheel has a special purchase on 40x13.50R17 Xterrains for $300 each with total shipping of $69.95--although they are running free shipping occasionally on weekends.

$1565.95 for 5 40" tires shipped was too good a deal to pass up. I have my 37" KM2s on Blackrock 909s for winter wheeling and to save my Walker Evans Beadlocks from winter chemicals & salt. I was looking for a screaming deal on tires to run during the summer. Here is the link:

40" Special Purchase Tires @ NTW

I had seen and corresponded with Co4Lo who ran 40s on a 3.5" RK lift with flat steel flares. He inspired some confidence for me. So, I made the jump.

Time to report progress and findings.

My local 4x4 shop is custom fabricating a rear bumper/tire carrier for me. It should be done in a week or so. So, I will post pics then. Until then, I have no rear bumper or spare.

Also, I haven't posted a pic of my River Raider cage:

Anyway, here are the before pics on 37" KM2s:

With the new 40s, the wheel with the most balancing weight required 10 oz. The rest required much less:

Least weight (less than 2 oz.):

Most weight not including the spare (8.5 oz.):

So, the first thing I did was increase the length of my front bumpstops from 0.75" to 2" using JKS adjustable bumpstops. I could have reinstalled my TF front extended bumpstops from my 2.5" BB, but it was much faster to use the JKS ones. 2" extended front bumpstops on a 3" lift leaves about 3" of up travel before the stop would be fully compressed:

Next, my PureJeep Crawler Stubby Front Winch Bumper would have been in the way. So, I converted the bumper to a PureJeep Bare Bonez Crawler bumper (the before is above).

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looks awesome man :drool:
your jeep is so sexy
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