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New (used) Jeep owner and curious!!!

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Can anyone shed a little light on what many people are saying about the CVT transmission going bad on the 2008 jeep patriots?? I just bought one used from a reputable dealer in my small community and it has 96,000 miles on it already (I know, I needed a vehicle desperately and this is all I could afford) and seems to drive just fine, although it sure doesn't have the ummpf that I am use to having with my old vehicle. It is an automatic w/6 speed auto-stick. I am getting pretty scared after all the horror stories I have read online about the transmission in these jeeps and think that maybe I should have gone with a different vehicle. Is it something that can't be avoided and the transmissions fail or what can I do to keep it from happening, if anything? Is there a sound I should listen for or maybe I can ask the dealer to do a service on the transmission since I am already so close to 100,000 miles? :newbie: