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New to me 99 XJ

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I believe it was this last sunday, I was lurking craigslist and found a friend of a friends XJ for sale, only knew it was him because I sold him a set of fenders, but anyways, seen this add for a 1999 Jeep XJ with 5.5" lift and 35's. Sooo curiousnous got the best of me, and I checked out the add. Kid wanted $5,000 which is ridiculously outta budget right now ha, so I gave him a call bsing around about trading him my truck, 10 min later, he wanted to trade. Talked about it for 2 days straight, and well, 5/2/2012 I brought home my new to me XJ.

I traded a 1979 GMC K10 4x4 that I had aquired through some trading, and some old audio gear from my first 03' WJ that I kind of grew out of sort of? and $200. Dang what a deal right? I thought so. Drove it home knowing it was going to have deathwobble. Now remind you, well to tell you, jeep was located in Columbus, IN and I live in Vincennes, IN. 115 miles one way, with deathwobble but I managed though, figuring out when it was coming and when to power of it. My conclusion is, possibly tires need balance because I see no evidence of any wheel weights at all:confused:

So plans are as follows(Not in any order):
1.) Long arms
2.) Figure out how much lift is in the rear to order the right set of leaf packs, as the ones on there, well are starting to invert.
3.)Rock sliders
4.)Belly Armor
5.)Gears(4.56's probably)
6.)Locker up front
7.)Replace the rough country winch on the front with my superwinch lp10000-DONE

Things I know it has right now:
1.)K&N Air filter(Hot air intake)
2.)Throttle boddy spacer
3.)5.5" lift well, was told its 5.5"
4.)Short arms and rides like mini dump truck
5.)Came with not only winch bumper, but a steering brace
6.)Drop pitman arm
7.)Double sheer trac bar
8.)35" tires
9.)HP30/C8.25 combo

List of things off the bat
-tire balance-DONE
-oil change
-dash install kit-DONE
-clock spring
-steering stabalizer as it still has a factory mopar unit
-tune up

In one of the pictures, you can see I went prepared.


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Not sure what happened but my back window had been shattered, so I went around town checkin prices, and well ended up going back to my old job and decided to do some trading. The rough country winch for a new back window and them having it installed since I have a brand new Superwinch LP10000 in the garage waiting to go on anyways.
So, today I got the tires balance as they had no weights what so ever, and it did help with the DW at 48mph, and actually is about the only speed it happens, after that its super smooth. But I worked 12 hours, and am a little tired, and work another 12 tonight, so. I guess Sunday get it up on jack stands and have the wife turn the wheel back and forth. Had her do it while on the ground and the lower control arm mounts look to move back and forth? It could also be optical alusion? not sure how to spell that lol.
Got of work at about 2 am and decided I needed to swap the old winch out for the new winch so monday when i go to get window the junkyard could have their winch then. Took a little longer than I wanted but, when all said and done, I would assume the new winch brought so new sexiness to the XJ:highfive:


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Today I'm getting my back window replaced, hopefully this time around it won't get broke. I'm also gonna try to get a broke bolt out of my old leaf packs that came with my first cherokee, and going to rebuild both leaf packs for the xj.

Since one of my leaf spring eyes on the jeep is broke, I have a set from my first cherokee, well it did have a siezed bolt in the eyelet. NOT now thanks to a BFH 3lbs and a good size punch and good ol' soapy water. Took about 15-20 minutes of time, going to try and tackle the rebuild this weekend if i can get some new leaf spring retainers and center pin. I'm hoping its just and add a leaf in the rear though and ill carry over the leaf to the new set. Either way though, I have enough leaf springs to make a bastard pack basically.

Got the jeep back from junkyard, not only did it get a new window but it got one with rear defrost, as the first one did not, all looks very well done.
made this in about 2 hours with little measuring. just some extra 2x3 i believe, use it to haul the mower and gas can around for side jobs.

also met this guy; said he's had his jeep 12 years, 4.5" lift, and 33's

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Clean XJ
Holy crap. That red xj needs some helper springs or something!
So, went camping yesterday to go swimming at Patoka Lake, and sadly, my keys were swallowed by the lake...
Only set for the jeep...
it was locked...
very hott...

BUT, with ingenuity, I successfully got it unlocked and carried enough tools to.... get it started with a pipe wrench and screwdriver... Worked wonders, and also cost $65 for new cylinder with 2 keys to replace the one I smooshed haha..

lesson learned, dont go swimming with your keys if you dont have a spare at hand...

also... picture time only a few from my phone but...

the campsite

my daughter enjoying the day :)

patoka lake

grillin at the beach :D i knew that carrier would come in handy

camping mods to come:
camp lights built into hatch(red:doesnt attract bugs as much)
power inverter
make a swing away grill... kind of like a tire carrier
work lights for putting a tent up in the dark: dont ask how bad it sucked...
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taking it wheeling to lynvile aka interlake Sunday about 10am for a couple hours. will post pics after
So a few things going on;
I've got a Hi-Lift Jack that I've had for the last oh, I'd say five years, and neadless to say it needs rebuilt. Will be ordering a rebuild kit for said jack. Got it for free five years ago when me and my parents had moved into our trailer, and our neighbors had seen my pathfinder at the time all muddy one day, and they dug out this jack because they thought I'd like it. I thought it was pretty nice of them. Will get pics of the rebuild once the kit is here and I'll be using a good camera instead of a phone.

Also, this past weekend, the xj went under the knife as I waited for a parts store open to get the right parts for the rear drum brakes. Probably won't ever deal with AutoZone anymore after they were very rude to me about them giving me the wrong spring kit for the drums. Then insisted on telling me that someone had put another rear axle under my jeep. Guy had clearly no clue what he was talking about and was very very crappy to me about it. I may only be 21, but I have disassembled just about every make/model/year jeep from working at MidWest Auto, at any rate though, I have done the rear lower quarter panel cut&fold, 1.)To get rid of the giant rust hole it had and 2.) To gain some clearance at the back. It came out pretty good I thought for as much metal that had to be cut through to get it all to fold.

Currently I'm trying to get said pictures to upload to my photobucket account to upload here. But it is being so slow.

While I have owned the jeep for a short time, I have decided that I want to paint it a tan color, might paint it Cummins Beige, then clear coat it to make it last. But the black, well... I like black and all but in the sun freaking thing is like a sona with the a/c on. So, going to go with a much lighter color of paint for it, and have the front windows re-tinted, and possibly go over the back windows with some 20% tint for our daughter so the sun doesn't bother her.
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