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Hi. Below is my new 2017 to me Jeep I am working on 70k miles

I started this over the summer when I got a good deal on a 17 Wrangler unlimited sport with 70k miles. I just came off a 2010 Frankenstein build that I sold. This I am trying to get right. I love the stances of the jeeps at Nemesis and have ordered their products Notorious fenders, inner fenders, Tub armor and Billy rockers. All coming 6 weeks out.

So I am looking for opinions on where to go from here. I don't know much at all. But I have been watching videos and reading and feel I can do this.

Let's do this.

This is what I currently have INSTALLED. The Rough Country
suspension is what I am looking at, not overly happy with it. Would have rethought this. Lots of sway at the top in turns. I figure an upgrade could be Falcon 3.3 shocks quick disconnects on the front sway bar (or Rock jock sway bar?). I know a lot more about suspension now versus when I set this up. I didn't ask then.

Lift Kit
Fox Shocks (F & Rear)
Rough Country 2.5" Springs
Rough Country Extended Rear Sway Bar Links
Rough Country Add-on Steering Stabilizer
Rough Country Exhaust Y Pipe Extension (for clearance of 2.5" lift)
ARB DIff Covers 1 Dana 44 Cover and 1 Dana 30 Cover - Black

Tires 35x12.5x17

General Grabber X' MT $275 per tire x5
TPMS Sensors

Rims 17x9 with positive offset


DV8 Front Bumper
Rough Country Rear Tire Carrier
2" Hitch

Lighting $800
Smoked LED Headlights
Smoked LED Tail Lights
Smoked LED Signal Lights
Smoked LED Fender Marker Lights
Pilar Pods

MagnaFlow S/S Dual Tip Black Axle-Back Exhaust

This is what I am thinking to add?

Teraflex suspension all around?
New sway bars?
Track bars?
I see the rear control arm below, how about the front control arm?
New springs? (Can I move up to a 3inch lift now? or should I)
Falcon 3.3 Shocks versus what I have?
Bump stops come with? Necessary?
Seems I have the steering stabilizer kit below as well.

No lockers now, but in the future should be considered.

Any armor? shock protection? fuel box?

Just trying to correct and get a right start here for a future SMART thought out build. 80% Daily Driver 20% fun (hope to increase)

Thank you so much for your ideas in advance. Lot's of great info here!


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