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New to me 2015 High Altitude Ecodiesel

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Had a 2011 Overland V8 that while never left me stranded, was having more and more issues. (Dash delamination, interior wood trim coming off, more squeaks than I could keep track of, intermittent hard start, etc etc). I also hated all the chrome and Red color....overall was a great fun to drive car but I kept finding myself looking for a replacement.

This one popped up and after looking it over and driving it, absolutely loved it. I am aware of all potential diesel issues, but figured I would roll the dice and the dealer offered extended warranty that should cover mechanical and emission issues. Part of me feels like WTF did I just do.

First pic is 2011, other 2 are the new to me ride.

Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Sky

Wheel Car Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

No major plans except possibly a GDE Tune, repaint the front bumper lower fascia (rock damage), and get front windows tinted. Some stretch items would be to retrofit Android Auto and rest will just see what comes up after first few months of ownership. Wish me luck!!!