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new motor startup

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just put new 4.0 in my 89 xj,will not start,sounds like a timing issue,turns over and backfires a little,cleaned all my grounds,nice & tite,just wondering f i need to pull distributer and turn crank to get piston in rite spot? i read that in hanes book i think,am getting fire and fuel to fuel rail, put n bosch volvo 746 injectors new starter, altenator, everything new,cps,but did not do a new knok sensor or oxygen sensor, any ideas???:|
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Just recently picked up an 89 XJ, it would and wouldn't start intermediate. Sometimes it would idle for 5 sec, other times 15 secs, cutting off with an immediate stop to the engine, not a slow die off. Sometimes it would crank and try to fire, but wouldn't. Other times it would sound as if my battery was completely dead with out dying "click" noise, no cranking.

"Long story short" ended uo being the fuel filter, located above driver rear leaf springs.

SOLUTION: fuel filter

Things changed prior to fuel filter.
- plugs
- wires
- distributor cap & rotor
- battery jump/trickle charge

Other thoughts as to what the issue could have been prior to solution... Starter, starter solenoid (try to start ot in neutral, rule that out) fuel pump, compression(?)

Hopefully something here, helps out.
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