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Need help with wiring methods for side marker lights?

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2019 wrangler Sahara for reference.
I am trying to figure out the best way to wire some lights into the existing wiring of the Jeep. I will Most likely be tapping into the side marker light wiring, which is used the Quadratec Pre runner light kit, which clips directly into that wiring harness;

I only put that link for reference to where I’ll be working.

I have seen the t-tap wiring connectors that supposedly just clip onto a wire and then you plug in the new wire into the clip and it’s done, but I am not sure if that is very secure or strong. if anyone has used them could you please send a link to a good brand you recommend? Thanks

This is what I’m talking about for the t-taps:

It is a new Jeep so I don’t want to **** up any of the wires, if you have any suggestions for connecting three wires please let me know.

I have also found these wire seal connectors, but they are usually used for only two wires right? Or could I put in a third wire and would it still connect all three together, technically creating a t-tap connection? Here’s a link for those:

I’m not sure if I can trust those items based on reviews.

The lights I want to install are these side vent lights and I also have some other lights I want to install, so I want to be learn and be sure for the future as what is the best method to wire anything similar. I’m not sure if I can trust those items based on reviews.

Or if I should just do it the old fashioned way and solder them together or just use a twisting method with shrink tubing? Any ideas or suggestions would help, let me know what you’ve done please.
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