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Need help with Radio

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Purchased used 2008 Grand Cherokee, radio doesn't work and Climate control backlights don't work.

I verified 12v across radio fuses and fuses are in good condition, also verified 12v from radio connector (behind radio in cabin). So I took the radio to my shop and put 12v on the red/black (ground) and pulled 0.5amps and it wouldn't power on. So I can assume the stock radio is dead.

I got a $25 Walmart special and trying to wire it up. I cannot figure out which wires go to what, has anyone spliced a radio connector into one of these jeeps before?

Below is the jeep pin out, the pin out for power on the radio is red (accessory 12v), yellow (constant 12v), and ground.

Thank you in advance!!
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The backlights on the controls do burn out - they aren't LEDs but YouTube has a couple nice DIY videos on replacing the bulbs, if you like soldering.
These radios are trickier than you might think, especially if you have the Boston Acoustics amplified version, which many do. If you do have the amp, then your audio will be garbage with anything other than an OEM radio. Those amps don't play nice with outsiders.
I would advise getting an aftermarket harness adapter rather than splicing your factory wires to a new head unit.
Here is a link to the search results for those posts related to radio installs...

PS - I have my old working head unit and amp if you need a replacement. It's the RAQ version (little letters just below the 'push audio' knob on the right)

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This is my radio part number, at this point I think I might just check with the local junkyards. I appreciate the help a lot though! Unfortunately I don't think your RAQ is the right radio.
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