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Need help with AMC air intake!?

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Hey everyone,
I'm a newbie to the world of the MJ so I apologize if this is dumb. Bought my '88 last week (4.0L Inline 6) and I've been trying to knock the rust off and tune up an engine that I thought I knew pretty well from my '91 XJ. However this AMC is a bit different as it turns out....
Surprisingly, the part that I'm having an issue finding is actually as stupid as the air intake duct.
This stupid little hose actually bolts to the throttle body using 3x T30 bolts. My air duct has decided to disintegrate and allow all kinds of random things into my engine.
What I would like to do (without having to replace the throttle body and the intake manifold) is to put an open air filter in it. My question is:
Where can I find an exact replacement for the current duct?
Is there an adaptor out there that will allow me to use a regular generic air duct?

Thanks so much for any input.
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