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Need help! Jeep Patriot shocks? Suspension?

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I’m not very mechanically savvy & I’m new here so forgive me if I don’t articulate this well, I have a 2014 Jeep Patriot with generally no huge issues over the course of owning it. However yesterday while driving someone next to me said it looked like my left rear tire was loose & later on heard a thud while driving. It’s now very apparent the left rear side is sitting much lower than the right. Will take it to a mechanic on Monday but curious of others opinions and want to get a rough idea of repair costs.
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real its not even possible to say with not looking at it. Rear is a macpherson strut i would assume. Like most all cars and suvs today. If it just that but you should do both sides. If its Rot or damage well is another thing. what are a set of rear shocks/macpherson struts for your jeep? Look it up. Then add labor. tends to be around parts or 100 bucks an hour.....less some shops way more others
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